Transport your Barrel from the UK with The Barrel Shipping Service from Xpress Cargo

Transporting your barrels from the UK doesn’t need to be the daunting assignment that it may appear. At the point when you utilize Xpress Cargo to deal with your Shipping to different countries from the UK, you can sit back, unwind, and watch us tackle the difficult work.

Our binds with completely licensed shipping specialists and service accomplices mean you will get top-notch service when you pick Xpress Cargo for your barrels from the UK.

During our years in the business, we have worked easily to sharpen our Shipping barrels to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Europe, Zambia, Pakistan, Canada, and the United States from the UK delivering service and to keep up financial delivery expenses to different locations while never settling on the nature of service our customers get.

Our standing as one of the most dependable and believed shipping barrels to different locations from the UK organizations are hard-acquired and has been hardened through our associations with various abroad transportation associations and some sparkling client tributes.

Transport your Barrel from the UK with The Barrel Shipping Service from Xpress Cargo

Groupage shipping is the union of numerous viable shipments into a truckload of freight going to one nation or even one territorial zone of a nation. Some groupage shipments to seaward islands like Mallorca, Ibiza, Jersey, and Guernsey are sent in a steel trailer. The grouping of shipments in this manner is a conservative strategy for moving shipments

The groupage services Xpress Cargo offer are the point at which we merge a scope of merchandise, regularly pallets and packages, onto single or various pallets to make a solitary, more financially savvy shipment. We hold control of the whole delivery measure, including tracking and electronic proof of delivery (PODs).

  • Incessant groupage transport accessible in the UK and across the globe.
  • Can be integrated with our different services, for example, air freight and sea freight.
  • Adaptability permits us to utilize various transporters.
  • Combining cargo lessens general transportation costs for our clients.
  • All appointments are dealt with by genuine individuals and not mechanized telephone systems.
  • We deal with each stage from booking to delivery using our IT systems. Errors are managed right away.

Price of Groupage
  • Taxes costs depend on your prerequisites.
  • The cost is influenced by pallet or parcel size and weight, and time

UK Groupage
  • Adaptability – we can plan the delivery for a particular date and time.
  • Full track and track offices and verification of delivery accessible where required.
  • On standard transfers, we offer an EDI office (electronic information interchange) so you can arrange orders straightforwardly.
  • Significant levels of client support.
  • Individual record administrator for key records.

European Groupage
  • Services in different nations including India, Zambia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Europe, and the United States.
  • An economical 'all in one resource' for exporters or shippers with clients or providers in several nations.
  • Appealing volume limits are accessible to clients with incessant shipments.
  • We offer admittance to transport networks for quick travel times consistently for single pallet delivery.
  • A standardized identification global positioning system gives ongoing data about your transfer.

Extra Services
  • Tail-lift conveyances.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • Distribution center stockpiling and freight handling.
  • Customs stock.

Xpress Cargo transport daily trucks to our warehouses which furnish you with rapid conveyance at financially savvy costs.

Huge numbers of our more modest vehicles have tail lifts for bringing merchandise down to the ground or raising products on to the truck. As long as we are pre-exhorted, we can design assortments and conveyances on more modest travel type van or 7.5-ton trucks where access might be an issue.

We are very proud of our low insurance claims record and happy, regular customers are what we strive for. Many of our international vehicles are “double-decked” meaning that most pallets are not double stacked.

We are exceptionally pleased with our low protection claims record and upbeat, customary clients are what we make progress toward. A large number of our global vehicles are "twofold decked" implying that most beds are not super loaded.

Truly, every transfer can be followed by using our tasks place. Anytime you can prompt your customer regarding the area of the shipment. We can give subtleties of our delivery specialists so the delivery party can likewise liaise straightforwardly with them as well.

In rundown, groupage services are a quick and practical method of moving merchandise to other countries. Xpress Cargo has years of experience in haulage and our group has the aptitude to make your transportation stress-free.

At Xpress Cargo, we are the best since we are working with the expert working staff and experienced freight forwarders with years of experience. We realize how to deal with your freight shipments in savvy, secure, and simple ways. Out time responsibilities and last, therefore individuals allude us for best groupage transportation to different locations across the globe. With the assistance of our capable cargo shipping group, we make quick and safe transportation conceivable.


To prepare your barrel for transportation, think about the accompanying principles and proposals.

  • Sort out all merchandise. Cautiously check everything and gather them in classifications on the floor. Set up the heaviest things to be put first on the lower part of the drum.
  • Wrap all things. You need to secure delicate and fragile things before settling them inside the barrel. That way, rice, sugar, flour, grains, and comparative items should be gathered in plastic packs. Glass jugs and containers should be bubble wrapped and also covered with padding materials.
  • Spot the things in the barrel. Pack your transportation barrel in layers which implies that you need to put substantial and cumbersome things on the base to make a strong establishment. Put some padding materials to make up for any shortcomings on the close to worthless. A while later, nest clothes and comparable delicate things over the principal layer.
  • Sensitive things should be put in the upper piece of the barrel. Consider isolating scented merchandise from the remainder of the barrel content with a lot of padding materials.
  • Secure the barrel. Ensure that the things don’t move around the barrel. Make up for any shortcomings or void spaces with additional padding materials (polystyrene chips, and so on) and secure the barrel cover eventually

Xpress Cargo sets the principles as we are the UK’s leading barrel transporters. We can deal with your barrel securely, dependably, and cost viably to India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Europe, Zambia, Pakistan, Canada, and the United States. If you need to ship to different locations rapidly, dependably, and at a value for cash value, Xpress Cargo can help. We give barrel collection and delivering service utilizing significant worldwide transporters to ship products of numerous sorts from the UK to various locations across the globe at competitive rates.


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