Get an Affordable and Reliable Excess Baggage Shipping with Xpress Cargo

Packed excess baggage and stressed how to ship? Shipping an unmanageable thing abroad? Maybe you’d preferably breeze through the air terminal without checking in any stuff whatsoever? Xpress Cargo is a specialist in moving overabundance things and individual possessions everywhere across the world. Have a look at how we can help make your excursion simpler.

At Xpress Cargo, we can tackle your issues arising because of excess baggage

Excess baggage can be practically anything from an additional holdall of occasion basics to a fragile item. We have a container for virtually every inevitability. We even have a long box intended for skis!


What do we do?

   Our Excess Baggage services include:

  • Door to door sea service for your excess baggage.
  • Hardcore standard and huge pressing boxes with bubble wrap and tape conveyed to you to help you begin packing.
  • Clear and straightforward evaluation of our point-by-point online statement.
  • Each phase of your request can be overseen using your online record.
  • Multilingual experts are accessible all day, every day covering different languages.
  • Spreading the expense so you don’t need to pay for everything forthright.

Here for the Larger Items

We spend significant time in a door-to-door sea service for excess baggage which is additionally ideal for huge, cumbersome things that would be expensive to send via air, for example,

  • Industrial machinery
  • Kitchen appliances- tumble dryers, plates, bowls, glasses, TVs, and so on
  • Letters and documents

Step-By-Step Guide to Our Excess Baggage Delivery Service

Initially, choose what you are sending; sacks, boxes, or bags of your belongings.

Furthermore, enter your area from where you are sending (nation, town/city, or postcode) and afterward the area to where you are sending (nation, town/city, or postcode).

Thirdly select starting from the drop that you need to send. We suggest utilizing our containers which are exceptionally intended for the afflictions of transportation. Those things that don't fit in our enormous and standard boxes, (for example, bags, sports equipment, some instruments, and so forth) will be set in other boxes following collection. This is included in our cost. Our quote gives you the vastest decision of our sea and air services just as the assessed travel time.

If you choose to continue, at that point you will pay the deposit and organize a date for the delivery of our packing boxes which incorporates bubble wrap and tape. There is no charge for these things in any case, contingent upon your location, there might be a little charge for the conveyance.

We suggest you request a couple of extra boxes. There is no charge if you don't utilize them as you can return them upon delivery. While packaging you should finish the online documentation.

You will also get a booked time for the delivery the night before the scheduled date.

You can book the collection on the web or call us if you have any inquiries.

When booked you will get the planned collection time on the night before our driver shows up.

When your shipment is collected, it will be estimated and at times weighed. The Shipping and Transportation receipt will be produced, the deposited amount will be deducted, and the leftover sum should be paid in 7 days.

You are qualified for about fourteen days' storage preceding delivery which could be helpful if you are going before getting back to the destination country.

Sea shipments are generally sent through our worldwide organization so your shipment will be under our immediate control from beginning to end. If we utilize one of our accomplices, you will be informed of the itemized quote although your shipment is as yet overseen by Xpress Cargo.

We clear your shipment through the important customs divisions and any ecological specialists.

When cleared through these offices your shipment will either be conveyed straightforwardly to your location from our center point, moved to the nearest station to your objective location to be delivered by one of our drivers, or conveyed by one of our accomplices.

Truly, every transfer can be followed by using our tasks place. Anytime you can prompt your customer regarding the area of the shipment. We can give subtleties of our delivery specialists so the delivery party can likewise liaise straightforwardly with them as well.

In rundown, groupage services are a quick and practical method of moving merchandise to other countries. Xpress Cargo has years of experience in haulage and our group has the aptitude to make your transportation stress-free.

Excess Baggage Shipping Worldwide Destinations and Regions

Have a look at the significant nations and areas we presently serve with our extensive excess baggage shipping service:

  • Across the United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Zambia
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Canada
  • The United States of America

At Xpress Cargo, we realize that your kitchen appliances, industrial machinery, electronic goods, containers, boxes, vehicles, and other individual things can in a real sense gauge a ton. All aircraft carefully implement the measure of checked baggage and carry-on baggage you can go with globally nowadays. All baggage in the abundance of your ‘free’ stuff remittance will bring about extra charges. Try not to stall out at the air terminal paying the airline’s excess baggage charges – utilize Xpress Cargo, the excess baggage experts!


Get an Affordable and Reliable Excess Baggage Shipping with Xpress Cargo

How we work?

  • Get a quote
  • Book on the web
  • Set up your sacks and box
  • Schedule a pick-up and drop-off
  • Pay online
  • Track your shipment
  • Delivery

You Can Trust Us for Your Excess Baggage

  • Xpress Cargo plans to offer the most ideal support to its clients through experience and development.
  • Having years of experience in the most recent online advances encourages us to bring down the expense of your excess baggage shipment.
  • Insights demonstrate that we are 100% devoted to our employment of booking, preparing, and moving the requests across the globe with the least exertion for our customers!


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