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Fastest International Shipping and Cheapest Door to Door Service

At the point when you need the cargo service, or when you need to send the merchandise, you are up against a few alternatives that are at times very confounding. It isn’t simply because of the numerous expedition services, yet additionally due to the service, value, delivery idealness, sort of transportation, and different things that appear to be befuddling. On the opposite, every one of them is basic if you know it.

At Xpress Cargo, we need your experience to be consistent whenever you utilize our services whether it is container shipment or air freight. We ensure a brief and timely delivery of your products utilizing our door-to-door parcel service.

Benefits of Hiring door to door Service from Xpress Cargo

  • The comfort of booking a dispatch assortment from your home or workplace
  • No lifting and moving weighty packages
  • No compelling reason to go out in an awful situation
  • No need to wait in a queue at the Post Office

Send the least expensive cargo to different nations across the world by utilizing our proficient, powerful, and quick delivery channel. We at Xpress Cargo, spend significant time in cargo services from the UK to ensure that we meet each client’s exceptional necessities and this recognizes us from competitors since we trust in serving our clients by going that additional mile

Benefits of Hiring door to door Service from Xpress Cargo

We at Xpress Cargo, spend significant time in cargo services from the UK to ensure that we meet each client’s exceptional necessities and this recognizes us from competitors since we trust in serving our clients by going that additional mile.


You may imagine that booking a shipment through a company providing door-to-door courier service will create a hole in your pocket, however, you can book door to door parcel delivery services at a truly reasonable rate if you have the proper knowledge about where to look to avoid that financial constraint. If you need to go via air and discover you have some excess baggage, don’t stress over it, Xpress Cargo will deal with it. We convey what it guarantees.

Also, we’ll give you instant quotes from various dispatches so you can contrast costs to ensure you’re getting the least expensive door to door service accessible.

Packaging Guidelines When Opting Xpress Cargo for Shipping Your Parcel

Always guarantee your products are all around packed.

Significantly, you pack your things well to guard them on their excursion. If your merchandise is not packed adequately and becomes harmed any compensation cover offered on our types of assistance will be nullified. The accompanying advice will help guarantee your things are all around ensured and are conveyed on time.

The data beneath is an abbreviated variant of the packaging guidelines of our company. The packaging guidelines of our company give explicit packaging advice to send:

  • Parcel
  • Excess Baggage
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Letters and Documents
  • Container, Boxes, and Vehicles
  • Chocolates

General Packaging Advice Offered by Xpress Cargo for Better Customer Experience

  • Packaging must consistently be of reasonable strength and thickness for the size and weight of the merchandise being posted
  • Always box your things – Use another inflexible cardboard box which is sufficient for the heaviness of the substance and inner packaging
  • Ensure the space in your parcel is filled with bubble sheets, newspaper, or other similar products for the substance to move easily without harming each other.
  • Inner packaging material should be adequately solid. Bubble wrap is reasonable for the restorative security of huge things only.
  • Electrical things and PCs should be ensured by thick rigid bundling for additional security
  • Delicate things for example glass, kitchen appliances, etc. must consistently be appropriately packed to avoid harm from being stacked with different things.
  • Chocolates and other things that can be easily distorted should be sent in a hard case.
  • Never utilize delicate cases or jiffy sacks to send tablets, PCs, or comparative delicate electrical merchandise
  • Never tie boxes together. Put everything in a similar box or send it as independent bundles

Advice to Label and Seal Your Parcel

  • Always seal the bundle well, top and base, with plastic or fortified container tape
  • Never use string, plastic tying, contract wrap, or bubble wrap outwardly of your parcel as they can stall out in the machines.
  • Ensure the barcoded labels of the service are safely joined to the parcel and are easily noticeable
  • In all cases, including when you are not applying the mark itself, you need to mention your beneficiary’s location and the consignment number on the package.
  • Labels stuck on to baggage things can get segregated. Put the label in a clear plastic envelope and connect this to a handle or strap on the thing utilizing a pack tie. For added security, place a second label inside the baggage inside the fundamental compartment, or outside pocket
  • a thing as “delicate” is certainly not a substitute for sufficient packaging

Address Your Item Adequately for Better Shipping

  • The address contact telephone numbers should be mentioned on the parcel
  • Also mention your name, address, postcode, and telephone number outwardly and within the package as the return address if there are any queries during travel
  • The local contact number mentioned on the parcel would be a great help for international destinations
  • The customs declaration should include the contact number of the recipient as well as the sender for international services.
  • Check all documentation is precisely finished to stay away from any deferral on the way
  • Clients should pronounce the content and value of the package on custom declaration
  • A few products can’t be sent on our services, or must be sent dependent upon limitations for example in a specific amount/of a specific volume and so on. Please confirm the same before booking a shipment with Xpress Cargo.
  • Ensure that products you are sending are not prohibited custom abroad when shipping a parcel to other countries.

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