Get A Smarter Safer and Faster Move of Containers with Xpress Cargo

The movement of containers is the foundation of the present overall exchange. Xpress Cargo has brought about an enormous demand from our client base to offer Less Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) services to various locations around the world.

Xpress Cargo is resolved to have the option to offer their clients a full scope of services thus have the distribution center and customs clearance offices accessible to deal with any cargo inquiry to any objective.

At Xpress Cargo, we can furnish you with top-notch service, with economical rates to most objections numerous locations around the world including Zambia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Europe, and the United States, taking care of:


FCL Shipping


LCL Shipping


Large abnormal loads

roll-on, roll-off

Ro/Ro (roll-on, roll-off)

Xpress Cargo set aside the effort to completely research all parts of each transportation and the different necessities for indicated shipments and destinations. We likewise practice on contribution competitive container transport rates. Inquiries related to containers, deep sea, FCL and LCL, are very good.

Have confidence if you use Xpress Cargo for your remote sea inquiries you will encounter a reviving, individual, and committed customer care attitude which is regularly missing when managing corporate associations.

Xpress Cargo is a world leader in worldwide container shipping and an organization offering worldwide assistance with nearby information. We additionally give an integrated network of road, rail, and sea transport assets that extends across the globe.

Bringing you industry-explicit skill; whatever you’re dispatching, any place you’re transporting it. Xpress Cargo offers expert, proficient assistance custom-made to the particular requirements of your business. Our services are planned around you.

Another significant factor that influences the cost is how you intend to stack and convey your shipping container. In case you’re arranging an FCL (Full Container Loads) move you may have up to 3 alternatives relying upon your mover/cargo forwarder/NVOCC:


Commercial Shipping

At Xpress Cargo, we offer bespoke costs and agreement rates dependent on your consignment’s volume and routineness. We assist you with understanding your business needs and offer you a rate and administration that is the best fit for your business.

Clearance Services

We handle tons of week-by-week cargo through our reinforced warehouse at air terminals at different airports in the UK. A large number of these consignments begin from Zambia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Europe, and the United States. Merchandise show up for Consolidation are for the most part pieces of clothing and adornments. With our combination service, you profit by economical cargo rates, when setting up for weight premise.

At Xpress Cargo, we gather your entire consignment from the air terminal and take it back to our distribution center. When cargo shows up, we separate the pallets and clear your products according to the show. Every one of these unions has numerous shippers.

We offer economical rates. You will have a devoted record director who comprehends your business needs. Your record supervisor refreshes you for your shipment for the day. You don't need to stress over storage charges at the aircraft, as we ensure the assortment of your merchandise from the carrier when it is prepared for assortment. We have everyday assortments by DPD from our distribution center and offer a brisk turnaround from merchandise appearance time to conveyance to your client. We additionally offer economical DPD rates should you need to advance your products using DPD to your clients after clearance. Web-based business: Outsource your online business logistics activity in the UK for a trustworthy, adaptable, and financially elite production network.


Get A Smarter Safer and Faster Move of Containers with Xpress Cargo

Sea Freight

Sea freight or transportation through container ships is by a long shot the least expensive approach to move merchandise universally yet, also, the slowest. Nonetheless, in case you’re moving merchandise between continents, you regularly have a minimal decision yet to send them through a container ship.

  • Speed: Slow, contingent upon courses can take from a couple of days to half a month.
  • Cost: Given the distances in question, low
  • The destination moves: Zambia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Europe, and the United States.


  • Airship cargo is just seldom utilized in full household container moves because of the incredibly significant expense. Transportation through the air can undoubtedly cost 10X as much as delivery using sea. Consequently, on the off chance that you have a few things you need to have with you when you show up in your new nation, you should transport them using a plane, yet it’s considerably savvier to send the heft of your products through the boat.

    • Speed: Very quick
    • Cost: Very high for enormous moves, yet sensible if just deliver a couple of boxes.
    • The destination moves: Any two urban areas that have air terminals.
Other Globally Moving Costs
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You can contact Xpress Cargo to get the global container shipping rates, yet these are in no way, shape, or form the lone costs associated with any worldwide move. While moving between nations you could confront a portion of these expenses also
Packing Costs
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Many, if not all, global trucking organizations will make it a prerequisite that they pack your merchandise for you. While it might appear to be this is the only approach to add on an additional expense, there are valid justifications for it. To begin with, it forestalls fake protection claims, which drives up the expense for everybody. Second, it very well may be a prerequisite for duties and obligations.
Assessments/Duty/Customs Charges
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Before transporting your home abroad, it's strongly suggested that you do some investigation into how the nation you're moving to treats global moves. Some will force charges as well as obligations on the estimation of the merchandise entering the nation. It's acceptable to discover how much these are probably going to be before you move so you're not confronted with any frightful amazements.
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Also, in case you're not wanting to move to another country forever it very well may merit checking how much stockpiling in your nation of origin costs. This can here and there work out less expensive than delivery products abroad and afterward back once more, particularly if your nation of origin additionally forces assessments and obligations on merchandise being transported.
Help and Advice
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Xpress Cargo needs to guarantee that it's as simple as possible to utilize the site and to get your shipments moving, regardless of whether you've worked with us for quite a long time or are new to global transportation. For additional help, get in touch with us!
Any inquiries?
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Our specialists are prepared to help. Connect and we'll locate the correct answer for your necessities.


Get A Smarter Safer and Faster Move of Containers with Xpress Cargo


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