Know Your Parcel's Volumetric Weight at Xpress Cargo

At all transfers whereby the cost of your shipment is controlled by the heaviness of your bundle, we compute the volumetric load of your bundle to decide the value you pay. This figure is relevant for both global shipments and UK deliveries.


The term ‘Volumetric Weight’ applies to the measure of actual space that a thing devours.

Regularly utilized in cargo transport, the volumetric weight depends on the cubic elements of your transfer and may bear no connection to the real weight of an item.

L= length, W= width, and H= Height of the object

With the volumetric weight determined, this figure is then contrasted with the genuine load of your transfer. Whichever figure is higher will be utilized to decide your delivery cost. If the volumetric load of your package is 18kg and the real weight is 12kg, the volumetric weight will be utilized to compute the expense of your shipment.


The significant advantage of computing your package’s volumetric weight is that you set aside cash by keeping away from the potential charges you would somehow or another get for confusing your bundle’s weight.


Girth Estimation

At the point when couriers talk about the girth of a bundle, they are alluding to the estimation around the center of your bundle, this is the circumference estimation. You may likewise call this the outline. When booking a bundle conveyance administration, you might be requested the consolidated length and size of your bundle, so it’s valuable to understand what this is.

Ascertaining joined length and size

You can locate the joined length and size of your bundle rapidly and effectively utilizing our Length and Girth Calculator, yet to give you a thought of how length and bigness are determined, we’ve assembled this straightforward guide:

Step by step instructions to compute girth

To ascertain the size of your package, first measure the length (the longest side), width, and height. The figuring for working out the size is:

Width + Height x 2

For instance, on the off chance that you had a case that estimates 20cm x 10cm x 10cm. The computation would be: 10 + 10 = 20 x 2. The size would be 40cm.

Length and circumference

When you know the girth of your bundle, it’s anything but difficult to get the last joined length and size estimation. The estimation for working out the consolidated length and circumference of your bundle is:

Circumference + Length In this way, if the size is 40cm and the length is 20cm the consolidated length and circumference = 60cm

The circumference estimation joined with the length, might be utilized while computing the expense of sending your package, the same number of dispatches have a most extreme girth + length limit for specific administrations.

For instance, Royal Mail’s Large Parcel size expresses that the joined length + size should be close to 300cm. Anything bigger than this should be sent through Xpress Cargo and consequently, various costs will apply.

Get a parcel quote from Xpress Cargo

Utilizing our dispatch quote tool, you won’t have to know the size of your package to get a cost. Bundle your thing and enter the weight and measurements into our statement structure for a moment quote.

Bundle weight and size limits

Xpress Cargo can help you analyze couriers and book modest parcel delivery services for things, everything being equal, and sizes. Regardless of whether you’re sending a 10-15kg parcel universally including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Europe, Canada, Bangladesh, and the United States, sending a 30kg package in the UK, or have an entire pallet for conveyance, simply enter the weight and measurements of your parcel into our courier quote number cruncher and we’ll furnish you with a rundown of dispatch administrations to browse and costs custom fitted to the weight and size of your package.

Courier organizations utilize volumetric load to decide the ‘cumbersomeness’ of a bundle and consequently the cost to move it. The destination is considered as well, as sending a thing of similar size inside the UK will be less expensive than sending it universally. To get a precise cost to send your bundle, you should simply enter the weight and measurements of your bundled thing into our cunning courier quote calculator and it will ascertain the volumetric load for you, so we can give you a rundown of costs and administrations to look over.

Royal Mail package sizes

You can send bundles of all sizes with Royal Mail, yet you don’t have to go to the Post Office to book Xpress Cargo services. You can set aside time and cash by booking limited parcel delivery services with Xpress Cargo. Our cost-effective Parcelforce administrations can cater for little, medium, and enormous package conveyances in the UK and universally.

  • Analyze, book, and send packages utilizing limited parcel delivery services. Set aside time and cash with Xpress Cargo.
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